200N (20Kgf) Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Model TB20 is mainly used in quality control, inspections, physical tests, mechanical researches, and material and environment developments. The tester is frequently used for tensile and compression test. But other tests such as bending, shearing, adhesion, fracture strength, peeling, tearing, cyclic and flexure tests can be performed.

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Universal tensile testing machine 200N

200N (20Kgf) Universal Tensile Testing Machine specification

Universal tensile testing machine 200N can be usually used to research and development and production activities of industries such as plastic, leather, metals, composites, nylon, fiber, paper, airplane, automobile, biomedical, elastomers, packaging, manufacturing, hardening, electricity, vehicle and so on.

  • Various types of grips and anvils

  • Various jaws for flat and round samples

  • Ability to perform tests automatically

Capacity 0.2KN
Test speed 0.01~500 mm/min
Maximum crosshead travel 15cm
Maximum thickness of flat samples 10mm
Maximum diameter of round samples 10mm
Force accuracy 0.01%full scale
Positional accuracy 0.5µm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 33 × 20 × 44cm
Weight 30kg
Input power 1Ph, 220V, 1KW

A device that is used to measure changes in the length of the sample during the tensile test

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