A perfect device for all hardness testing requirements 15 Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial method, 15 Brinell method, 7 Vickers method.

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Universal hardness testing machine

A perfect device for all of hardness testing requirements

  • 15 Rockwell method
  • 15 Rockwell Superficial method
  • 15 Brinell method
  • 7 Vickers method

Universal hardness tester unique specifications model UV4

  • Fully automatic operation of all steps only with pushing a button

  • Applying force via servo system and load cell feedback

  • Usage of accurate sensor to measure depth of penetration

  • Simultaneous display of diameter and depth of penetration in all methods

Other specifications

  • Fully automatic and easy to use

  • Strong body and robust against tensions

  • Usage of the accurate sensors to achieving the best precision of measured hardness

  • Conversion of measured hardness into the other hardness scales

  • Statistical calculations for hardness results

  • Calibration and correction of testing error by user.

  • Direct and indirect calibrations according to the standard

Hardness testing methods

HRB HR30N HBx/6.25 HV5
HRC HR45N HBx/7.81 HV10
HRD HR15T HBx/10 HV30
HRE HR30T HBx/15.6 HV50
HRF HR45T HBx/20 HV120
HRH HR30W HBx/30
HRK HR45W HBx/31.2
HRL HR15X HBx/40
HRM HR30X HBx/62.5
HRP HR45X HBx/100
HRR HR15Y HBx/120
HRS HR30Y HBx/125
HRV HR45Y HBx/187.5

Hardness scales that Universal Hardness Tester is capable of converting

Hardness scale Hardness range
HRA 60 ~ 86 HRA
HRB 41 ~ 105 HRB
HRC 20 ~ 68 HRC
HRD 40 ~ 77 HRD
HRF 80 ~ 115 HRF
HR15N 69 ~ 94 HR15N
HR30N 41 ~ 85 HR30N
HR45N 19 ~ 76 HR45N
HR15T 74 ~ 93 HR15N
HR30T 43 ~ 82 HR30N
HR45T 13 ~ 72 HR45N
HV 80 ~ 940 HV
HB 76 ~ 620 HB
HSc 33 ~ 98 HSc
MPa 253 ~ 2204 HB

Technical specifications of Universal Hardness Tester - UV4

  • Test area height 50cm

  • Test area depth 25cm

  • Motorized anvil and fixed head

  • According to ASTM E18, ASTM E10, ASTM E92 standards

  • Graphic LCD display with backlight

  • Applied force from 3 to 187.5 kgf, With accuracy of 0.01% of the nominal force

  • Displacement of the indenter is 4 mm with an accuracy of ± 0.1 micrometers

  • Dwell time from 1 to 99 Sec

  • 2000 memories to save the testing results

  • USB port to transfer the data to flash discs

  • Input Power: 220VAC, 50Hz, 100W

  • Weight: 100kg

  • Size: 32x60x101cm

Comparison of universal hardness testing models

Test area height 50cm 60cm 29cm
Test area depth 25cm 28cm 18cm
Weight (kg) 100 330 80
Dimension (length x width x height) (cm) 32x60x101 74x74x175 17x43x70
Support table Fixed anvil Motorized anvil Manual anvil
Head Type Movable head Fixed head Fixed head
V shape anvil

Flat anvil

Various test blocks

Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell test blocks

Cross table

For hardness testing with specified intervals on a piece

Hemisphere hardness testing fixture

Custom-made anvil

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