A perfect device for all hardness testing requirements 15 Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial method, 15 Brinell method, 7 Vickers method.

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Universal hardness testing machine

A perfect device for all of hardness testing requirements

  • 15 Rockwell method
  • 15 Rockwell Superficial method
  • 15 Brinell method
  • 7 Vickers method

Universal hardness tester unique specifications model UV1

  • Fully automatic operation of all steps only with pushing a button

  • Applying force via servo system and load cell feedback

  • Usage of accurate sensor to measure depth of penetration

  • Simultaneous display of diameter and depth of penetration in all methods

Other specifications

  • Fully automatic and easy to use

  • Strong body and robust against tensions

  • Usage of the accurate sensors to achieving the best precision of measured hardness

  • Conversion of measured hardness into the other hardness scales

  • Statistical calculations for hardness results

  • Calibration and correction of testing error by user.

  • Direct and indirect calibrations according to the standard

Hardness testing methods

HRB HR30N HBx/6.25 HV5
HRC HR45N HBx/7.81 HV10
HRD HR15T HBx/10 HV30
HRE HR30T HBx/15.6 HV50
HRF HR45T HBx/20 HV120
HRH HR30W HBx/30
HRK HR45W HBx/31.2
HRL HR15X HBx/40
HRM HR30X HBx/62.5
HRP HR45X HBx/100
HRR HR15Y HBx/120
HRS HR30Y HBx/125
HRV HR45Y HBx/187.5

Hardness scales that Universal Hardness Tester is capable of converting

Hardness scale Hardness range
HRA 60 ~ 86 HRA
HRB 41 ~ 105 HRB
HRC 20 ~ 68 HRC
HRD 40 ~ 77 HRD
HRF 80 ~ 115 HRF
HR15N 69 ~ 94 HR15N
HR30N 41 ~ 85 HR30N
HR45N 19 ~ 76 HR45N
HR15T 74 ~ 93 HR15N
HR30T 43 ~ 82 HR30N
HR45T 13 ~ 72 HR45N
HV 80 ~ 940 HV
HB 76 ~ 620 HB
HSc 33 ~ 98 HSc
MPa 253 ~ 2204 HB

Technical specifications of Universal Hardness Tester - UV1

  • Test area height 29cm

  • Test area depth 18cm

  • Manual anvil and fixed head

  • According to ASTM E18, ASTM E10, ASTM E92 standards

  • Graphic LCD display with backlight

  • Applied force from 3 to 187.5 kgf, With accuracy of 0.01% of the nominal force

  • Displacement of the indenter is 4 mm with an accuracy of ± 0.1 micrometers

  • Dwell time from 1 to 99 Sec

  • 2000 memories to save the testing results

  • USB port to transfer the data to flash discs

  • Input Power: 220VAC, 50Hz, 100W

  • Weight: 80kg

  • Size: 43x17x70 cm

Comparison of universal hardness testing models

Test area height 50cm 60cm 29cm
Test area depth 25cm 28cm 18cm
Weight (kg) 100 330 80
Dimension (length x width x height) (cm) 32x60x101 74x74x175 17x43x70
Support table Fixed anvil Motorized anvil Manual anvil
Head Type Movable head Fixed head Fixed head
V shape anvil

For bars

Small flat anvil


For Brinell and Vickers hardness testing

Various test blocks

Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell test blocks

Cross table

For hardness testing with specified intervals on a piece

Custom-made anvil

Hemisphere hardness testing fixture

Ball hardness testing fixture

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