Hardness testing of thin layers of surfaces and small samples. Suitable for All of the Vickers and knoop methods

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Microhardness Tester

Specifications of Microhardness Tester MH4

  • Fully automatic and easy to use

  • Strong body and robust against vibrations and shocks

  • Usage of the accurate sensors to achieving the best precision of measured hardness

  • Conversion of measured hardness into the other hardness scales

  • Statistical calculations for hardness results

  • Able to mount the standard objectives of microscope

  • Super LED lightning system (low power)

MH4 universal hardness tester unique specifications

  • Fully automatic operation of all steps only with pushing a button

  • Applying force by servo system and load cell feedback

  • Automatic measuring of the indent depth by the software

Micro hardness testing methods

HV0.01 HK0.01
HV0.025 HK0.025
HV0.05 HK0.05
HV0.1 HK0.1
HV0.2 HK0.2
HV0.3 HK0.3
HV0.5 HK0.5

Technical specifications of Micro Hardness Tester-MH4

  • According to ASTM E384 standard

  • Applied force from 10gr to 2kg, With accuracy of 0.01% of the nominal force

  • Dwell time from 1 to 99 Sec.

  • Have digital USB camera with 1.3Mp resolution.

  • Steady table with 125mmx125mm dimensions

  • Move along the X/Y axis, 25mm

  • Input Power: 220VAC, 50Hz, 100W

  • Weight: 30kg

  • Size: 39x24.5x48.5 cm

Zoom 200x 500x 1000x
Objective 4x 10x 20x

Microhardness software

  • User friendly and compatible with touch systems

  • Automatic measurement of indent diagonal and computing the hardness by software

  • Possible to describe a project and implement several tests, and save and retrieve the projects

  • Draw a chart of selected tests in a project

  • Able to magnify every point of the picture

  • Measuring the distance between two selected points on the picture

  • With special facilities for the force calibration and indent diagonal measurement

  • Have English manuals and multimedia

  • Display the force online and can move the head manually in unemployment time

  • Print tests include project and test specifications and test results.

  • With Print preview and able to save data to .pdf format

  • Full supporting and updating the software

micro hardness tester application
Gage glass

Various objectives

Hemisphere hardness testing fixture

Microhardness clamp

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