3 point and 4 point bending test of metals, polymers, composites, woods, and ceramics up to 50cm length and 5000Kgf force.

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3 Point and 4 Point Bending Test Fixture 3 Point and 4 Point Bending Test Fixture

TK50-5T Bending Test Fixture is mostly used to determine the bend strength of woods, ceramics, and the parts with up to 1m length. The difference between TK30-5T with respect to TK50-5T is the distance between supports that can be increased to 50cm.

Features of this bending fixture

  • Simple and accurate adjusting the distance between two supports by using the ruler and the marks.
  • Replaceable supporting pins with several radiuses

  • Capacity: 50kN

Bending fixture applications

  • Bending test of rebar

  • Bending test of several types of polymers

  • Bending test of composites

  • Bending test of ceramics

  • Bending test of wood

TK50-5T Bending Test Fixture is one of the accessories of below Universal Tensile testers:

The fixture has two moving supports that each one has a V-shape groove for different supporting pins.

Default diameter of supporting pins is 20mm and it can be possible to order other sizes.

A ruler is mounted on the base plate which can be used to measure the distance between two supports. The base plate of the fixture is mounted directly on the universal testing machine clamps and there is no need to open them.

The force is applied by a loading pin located above and center of the base plate. Default diameter of the loading pin is 20mm and it can be possible to order other sizes.

3point bending test is performed to determine ductility, bend strength, fracture strength and resistance to fracture of the materials. The major benefit of the test is fast and easy sample preparation and a simple test procedure. However, there are disadvantages, the results of the test are sensitive to the sample shape, loading procedure, and rate.

3 Point Flexure/ Bending Fixtures 4 Point Flexure/ Bending Fixtures

For both 3 point and 4 point bending test the support is the same but the loading pin will be chosen according to user needs.

Maximum bending Load50kN
Fixture MaterialSteel
Support and loading pin width90mm

Technical specifications of support

Maximum distance between supports500mm
Supporting pins diameter20mm
Supports Height115mm

Technical specifications of 3 point loading pin

Loading pin diameter20mm

Technical specifications of 4 point loading point

Loading pin diameter20mm
Maximum distance between loading pins155mm

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