These impact devices are used for different types of materials and workpiece conditions.

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D Impact Device Probe for Leeb Portable Hardness Tester

T1-T2 Impact device

“T1” is the standard impact device and its impact body energy is 11 Millijoules. The impact body energy is provided by a magnetic field. The impact and rebound velocity is measured by the optical component and hardness is precisely calculated.

“T2” impact device is the same as “T1” but with higher energy. This impact device with 31 Millijoules energy and greater depth of penetration is used for hardness testing of rough, unpolished and porous materials (such as types of cast irons).

T3 Impact device

“T3” Impact Device with 6.3 Millijoules energy is used for hardness testing of thin and light parts. It can also be used for the surface hardness testing of cemented and hardened parts. Unlike the T1, 2 impact device, which is, in fact, one impact device with two different energies, T3 impact device has only one impact energy.


  • The impact devices are plug and play, therefore, there is no need to implement any setting

  • Spring-less auto-reload impact device mechanism: with this specification, the user can repeatedly perform the test without manually loading the impact device.

  • One-hand test experience: the impact device is automatically loaded after each test and does not need the user to manually load it with two hands.

  • Hardness testing on flat, concave, and convex surfaces: using three different rings, hardness testing on almost any surface is possible.

  • High accuracy in electromagnetic-radiated environments

Impact device specifications table

T1 T2 T3
5.5gr 5.5gr 1.2gr Impact body weight
0.011j 0.031j 0.0036j Impact energy
3mm 3mm 2mm Ball diameter

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